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2015-06-09 snarayan NeedPushPointer Analysisdefault tip
2015-06-09 snarayan NeedPushPointer Analysis
2015-06-09 snarayan .hgignore
2014-12-15 snarayan Fixed Liveness Analysis
2014-03-21 snarayan Changes for Reused Distance - Self temporal reuse
2014-01-08 snarayan Bug fix for histogram and clean up
2014-01-08 snarayan Bug fixes in reuse
2014-01-07 snarayan Bug fixes to get correct reuse answers
2013-12-23 snarayan Changes on how Reusedistance for two sibling loops are calculated
2013-12-23 snarayan Interface function to check if two statements are surrounded by the same parent loop
2013-12-23 snarayan Loop indices can now be ExprHandles and not just ints
2013-12-23 snarayan Missing comma caused incorrect node identification
2013-11-15 utke on macbook don't force it as we had removed the intermediate files from the repo a while ago
2013-11-13 utke on macbook ignore the dirstamps
2013-11-13 utke on macbook ignore this
2013-11-13 utke on macbook should not track this
2013-11-13 utke on macbook without the subdir-objects automake issues warnings for files in sub directories
2013-11-13 utke on macbook removed old crud
2013-11-13 utke on macbook ignore this - it is made by configure
2013-11-13 utke on macbook replace the hackish unconfig with a clean solution
2013-11-13 utke on macbook move the definition out of the header file into the source file or else we get the warnings about the unresolved destructor of OutputBuilder which at this point exists only as a forward declaration.
2013-11-11 Jean Utke predefined symbols
2013-11-11 Jean Utke branch merge
2013-11-08 snarayan Remodes a few functions from the interface
2013-11-11 Jean Utke new
2013-09-10 snarayan Added dependence type information
2013-08-23 snarayan Changed Self Spatial reuse for loops that are not present as an index
2013-08-21 snarayan Added assert.h include
2013-08-21 snarayan Added a class for ReuseValueType to replace int
2013-08-21 snarayan Added a class for ReuseValueType to replace int
2013-04-11 snarayan Cleaned up output for Activity Analysis
2013-04-11 snarayan Cleaned up output for Activity Analysis
2013-04-04 snarayan Self-Temporal and Selp-Spatial reuse are supported
2013-04-03 snarayan Removed stmt level reuse insertion
2013-04-03 snarayan Pruning of ReuseAt
2013-04-03 snarayan Output Cleanup
2013-04-02 snarayan Merge
2013-04-02 snarayan Changes for reference level reuse analysis
2013-03-19 shanthar added a couple of methods to ReuseDistanceStandard class
2013-02-15 snarayan merge
2013-02-15 snarayan Added a reference based map for reuse results
2013-01-18 utke on macbook branch merge
2013-01-18 utke on macbook closing inactive branch ../tag/trunkAfterMergeBeforeDelete2../tag/trunkAfterMergeBeforeDelete2
2012-12-18 utke on macbook do not track
2012-11-19 snarayan Bug fix
2012-11-16 snarayan Changes for an accurate histogram
2012-10-31 snarayan merge
2012-10-31 snarayan Changes to get a more accurate histogram
2012-10-30 shanthar updated autogen to be compatible with mac
2012-10-30 shanthar test commit
2012-10-30 utke on macbook eclipse files
2012-10-29 Jean Utke branch merge
2012-10-29 utke on macbook fix memory leak found by John MC; change order in removeEdge for sanity (the OAptr would still have prevented early deletion in the previous order though)
2012-10-29 snarayan Reuse Distance Analysis Changes
2012-10-06 Jean Utke don't track autoconf files
2012-09-25 snarayan Minor dummy function for Loop index
2012-09-24 snarayan Minor change of classes
2012-09-17 snarayan Merge
2012-09-06 snarayan Performed some cleanup
2012-09-05 utke on macbook rename library to something more meaningful