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2015-05-19 snarayan Changes for Divided Adjointsdefault tip
2014-03-14 Jean Utke branch merge
2014-03-14 Jean Utke FreeSans no longer included
2014-03-13 Jean Utke branch merge
2014-03-13 Jean Utke updated to new version
2014-03-12 utke on macbook year
2013-06-20 utke on macbook calls to subroutines that are external don't have an adjoint counterpart
2013-06-20 utke on macbook refactor
2013-06-19 utke on macbook a little more verbose debug info
2013-05-22 utke on macbook if we don't set the indices for non-active variables we may end up with out-of-bounds index values as illustrated in testRoundTrip/examples/LoopArrayIndex2
2013-05-21 utke on macbook more detailed debug info
2012-10-04 Jean Utke updated the file
2012-10-04 Jean Utke year
2012-10-04 utke on macbook html tags in REPTAG are clobbered by new doxygen version
2012-09-25 utke on macbook update boost version
2012-04-25 utke on macbook refactor loop clases, make the init/condition/update optional to reflect better the XAIF schema
2012-04-25 utke on macbook a new helper
2012-03-26 hlcm check hasElement before calling get for theEVp2LCGVpMap
2012-03-26 hlcm add debug printing for Keys/Elements in GuardedMap
2012-03-22 hlcm Replace uses of map with uses of GuardedMap class
2012-03-22 hlcm Add a GuardedMap template for use instead of regular map; With map, elements are inserted during index operations. Now, elements must be gotten and added explicitly, and an error will be raised if the element is not there
2012-03-21 utke on macbook typo
2012-03-21 utke on macbook adapt message texts and manage lists
2012-03-21 utke on macbook move handleExplicitUnresolved to the new 6th sweep because the CallGraphVertex determines what is missing in the 5th but only later we descend in the 5th sweep down to the BasicBlocks to create the adjoint counterparts so we can't yet do the handleExplicitUnresolved in the 5th sweep and have to postpone to the 6th
2012-03-21 utke on macbook debug message
2012-03-21 utke on macbook rename for now because this is not finished and we need the 6th sweep for the unresolved entries found in simple loops
2012-03-21 utke on macbook mutual pointers between adjoint and original SubroutineCallAlg instances; rename methods; pass through reversal type; make handleArrayAccessIndices public
2012-03-20 utke on macbook refactor containers for push related constructs into a PushContainer class; instances of that class are put nto a map keyed of by the type of reversal we are doing; also refactor more elements into the BasicBlockElementAlg; renamed appropriately and change access to reflect the current functionality.
2012-03-20 utke on macbook add heuristic for heuristic Push/Pop
2012-03-20 utke on macbook refactor to base class + rename + reorder apparently wrong print XML logic
2012-03-19 utke on macbook refactor to base class
2012-03-19 utke on macbook rename
2012-03-19 utke on macbook rename
2012-03-19 utke on macbook fill in expanded info
2012-03-19 utke on macbook expanded information
2012-03-19 utke on macbook typo
2012-02-09 utke on macbook wrong name
2012-01-10 utke on macbook eclipse
2012-01-10 utke on macbook both adjoint variants
2012-01-10 utke on macbook separate the allocation calls between preaccumulation and propagation
2011-10-13 utke on macbook branch merge
2011-10-13 utke on macbook fix up build problem when a .cpp source file is removed but the incremental build picks up the orhpaned .o file that should be removed. So derive the .o names directly from the list of the .cpp files in the src subdirs.
2011-10-11 lyonsam branch merge
2011-10-10 lyonsam minor comment/typo/debugging stuff
2011-10-10 lyonsam relatively large change separating logic for flattening from LCG construction;
2011-10-06 lyonsam moved some flags and runElimination from BasicBlockAlg to Sequence
2011-09-05 lyonsam moved propagation logic in BBP from BasicBlockAlg to Sequence; also some cleanup
2011-09-04 lyonsam Assignments created on the fly for SSA are no longer created with new
2011-09-04 lyonsam moved logic for flattening sequential inlinable assignments into sequences (from AssignmentAlg::algorithm_action_2 to BasicBlockAlg::algorithm_action_2) and simplified
2011-09-04 lyonsam debugging, typedefs, cleanup
2011-09-04 lyonsam debugging improvements
2011-09-04 lyonsam moved independent/dependent vertex list population from BasicBlockAlg to Sequence
2011-10-07 utke on macbook factor out logic for source/target type propagators, add logic to not mangle the name when the arguments represent array slices (e.g. a(:,3) as opposed to just a or a(1,1) which is a scalar) because syntactic inlining for non-scalar arguments means appending a loopindex to the inlinable's argument so it would produce syntactically incorrect a(:,3)(loopIndex).
2011-10-05 utke on macbook add argument shape information as a suffix to the name (needed for vector mode)
2011-10-05 utke on macbook allow for appending a suffix (name mangeling after we inspected all the arguments)
2011-09-28 utke on macbook let DerivativePropagatorEntry instance represent themselves as InlinableSubroutineCall instances, add a -H switch to the AlgConfig
2011-09-28 utke on macbook let DerivativePropagatorEntry instance represent themselves as InlinableSubroutineCall instances, behavior switched by ourHidDPsAsICs
2011-09-28 utke on macbook let DerivativePropagatorEntry instance represent themselves as InlinableSubroutineCall instances
2011-09-28 utke on macbook for convenience check and turn expressions into single variable/constants
2011-08-29 lyonsam refactoring of auxiliary assignments for partial evaluation: