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14 months ago Jean Utke branch mergedefault tip
14 months ago Jean Utke branch merge
14 months ago Jean Utke FreeSans no longer included
14 months ago Jean Utke branch merge
14 months ago Jean Utke branch merge
14 months ago Jean Utke updated to new version
14 months ago Jean Utke branch merge
14 months ago utke on macbook year
17 months ago Jean Utke branch merge
23 months ago utke on macbook calls to subroutines that are external don't have an adjoint counterpart
23 months ago utke on macbook refactor
23 months ago utke on macbook a little more verbose debug info
18 months ago utke on macbook make a proper boolean expression here so Fortran is happier
18 months ago utke on macbook updated
18 months ago utke on macbook extraneous semicolon
19 months ago utke on macbook reference output changes following scope logic changes
19 months ago utke on macbook what is diff'ed
19 months ago snarayan Added a check for Printing the SYSTEM_ONLY case
19 months ago snarayan Bug fix and removal of commented out lines
19 months ago snarayan Merge
19 months ago snarayan Changes for per-replacement Scopes for reverse mode
24 months ago Jean Utke branch merge
2013-05-22 utke on macbook if we don't set the indices for non-active variables we may end up with out-of-bounds index values as illustrated in testRoundTrip/examples/LoopArrayIndex2
2013-05-21 utke on macbook more detailed debug info
2013-05-17 utke on macbook more debug info
2013-05-16 utke on macbook set the structured flag, reference update after the last change
2013-05-16 utke on macbook detect unreachable CFG vertices
2013-04-01 utke on macbook update reference output after source in xaif has been recreated from scratch
2013-04-01 utke on macbook the old logic looks hackish at best - replaced with new simplified version
2013-02-04 snarayan Scopes consider the existence of base scopes
2013-02-01 snarayan The SymbolTable contained within a Scope can be queried and/or modified through the Scope
2013-01-23 snarayan Removed commented out code
2013-01-23 snarayan Merge
2013-01-23 snarayan Bug fix
2013-01-23 snarayan Fixed a bug in returning Variable::getActiveType
2013-01-23 snarayan Fixed output of FieldReference
2013-01-21 snarayan Bug fix
2013-01-23 utke on macbook ignore eclipse project files
2013-01-23 utke on macbook this was temporary and should not be needed, all vertices add the connection to their original predecessors when they are handled so the adjoint should have the in edge all the time
2013-01-23 utke on macbook fix addresses Loop_2 failure
2013-01-23 utke on macbook debugging info
2013-01-23 utke on macbook add original id to output
2013-01-23 utke on macbook toward solving the problem with Loop_2
2013-01-22 utke error message and white space
2013-01-21 utke on macbook a sanity check
2013-01-21 utke on macbook clarify deep== keepSubscripts and slightly redo the copying to test specifically for array accesses
2013-01-18 utke on macbook branch merge
2013-01-18 utke on macbook closing inactive branch tempAliasRangeOverlaptempAliasRangeOverlap
2013-01-18 utke on macbook move the explaining comment to the header file in doxygen format; the throw macro prints the function; rescopre some boolean variables
2013-01-18 utke on macbook can't track eclipse project files for more than one user
2013-01-17 Jean Utke reference changes after schema update
2013-01-16 snarayan Added supoprt for pointers
2013-01-02 snarayan Bug fix
2012-12-28 snarayan Bugfix for the correct order of Boost::depth_first_search output
2012-12-27 snarayan Added AddressOf operation as a VariableVertex. The variablesymbolreference of a Variable is the VariableSymbolReference inside the last --according to Boost::depth_first_search -- FieldReference if a FieldReference exists in the Variable; OR the VarianleSymbolReference in the Variable if no FieldReference Exists
2012-12-19 snarayan Implemented a bandaid shortcut for the shape of pointers
2012-12-17 snarayan Support fot FieldReferences
2012-12-11 snarayan Added a new enum for VariableVertex class to identify types of Variable vertices
2012-12-11 snarayan Support to parse Pointer Dereference objects
2012-10-26 Jean Utke branch merge