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2014-03-13 Jean Utke branch mergedefault tip
2014-03-13 Jean Utke updated to new version and FreeSans no longer included
2014-03-12 Jean Utke branch merge
2014-03-12 utke on macbook year
2012-10-26 Jean Utke branch merge
2012-10-12 Jean Utke updated for newer doxygen version
2012-10-12 Jean Utke don't generate LaTeX output by default
2012-10-12 Jean Utke branch 'default'
2012-10-10 utke on macbook year
2012-09-26 Jean Utke branch merge
2012-09-25 utke on macbook update boost version
2011-07-27 Jean Utke branch merge
2011-06-24 Azamat Mametjanov cygwin-build
2011-06-23 utke on macbook rearrange
2011-03-24 Jean Utke branch merge
2011-03-24 Jean Utke branch merge
2011-02-27 utke info updated
2011-01-06 utke year updated
2010-09-01 utke adjusted path
2010-07-08 utke branch merge
2010-05-24 utke ignore dependency files
2010-07-08 utke adjusts for deprecated include file
2010-05-10 utke replace incomplete hard-wired depedencies with generated ones (similare to xaifBooster dep generator)
2010-02-09 m_utkej updated page to reflect move to svn
2009-09-21 m_utkej fix up ownership to reflect initial EPSRC funding
2009-09-19 m_utkej avoid deprecation warning
2009-09-19 m_utkej license clarification
2009-06-17 m_utkej shouldn't hard code the boost lib location
2009-06-02 vm677247 added angel example
2009-05-14 m_utkej branch merge
2009-05-14 m_utkej clarify
2009-05-14 m_utkej relocate xaifBooster guards
2009-03-31 m_utkej branch merge
2009-03-24 m_utkej actually compare the cost of edge with vertex eliminations if the latter could run
2009-03-30 lyonsam Added tag newHeuristics for changeset c97fd2cd2c5e
2009-03-30 lyonsam branch merge
2009-03-27 lyonsam Added postProccessRemainderGraph, which performs scarcity-preserving, no-cost edge eliminations subsequent to the running of the heuristic. It currently does not consider eliminations that reduce the nontrivial edge count, with the idea that these reflect a deficiency in the heuristic which must be corrected later. The postprocessing step is intended as a stupid/trivial bit that shouldnt find an improvement to the heuristic.newHeuristics
2009-03-11 m_utkej typos
2009-03-11 m_utkej updated info once more
2009-03-11 m_utkej update on SF
2009-03-11 m_utkej update as requested by sourceforge
2009-02-17 m_utkej branch merge
2009-02-17 m_utkej parameters are no longer in the interface and doxygen complains
2009-02-16 m_utkej rename macros to avoid clash with newer boost versions
2008-12-18 lyonsam branch merge
2008-12-18 lyonsam namespace updates after moving AwarenessLevel to xaifBoosterCrossCountryInterface
2008-12-18 utke version update
2008-12-12 lyonsam branch merge
2008-09-18 lyonsam removed call to now-gone function (getLCG)
2008-09-15 lyonsam update interface for xaifBooster changes
2008-09-15 lyonsam cleanup, consolidate into replay_transformation_seq, and reinstate default angel heuristics
2008-09-15 lyonsam minor debugging output fix
2008-09-15 lyonsam Removed AwarenessLevel from determination of computational costs
2008-09-12 lyonsam new random walk for min. ops
2008-09-12 lyonsam big change- moved to new types for old scarcity heuristics
2008-09-11 lyonsam moved AwarenessLevel to its own class within xaifBoosterBasicBlockPreacumulation
2008-09-08 lyonsam removed temperature, and added restarting process for multiple passes
2008-09-08 lyonsam SA with reroutings and new representation-independent transformation types
2008-09-04 lyonsam removed extraneous comment
2008-09-04 lyonsam changes to debugging output