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12 months ago snarayan Added edg headerd to the locations where math functions may residedefault tip
12 months ago snarayan Move xerces header up to help building
12 months ago snarayan Fix the include directories options handling
2015-09-16 snarayan EDG4 SgFunctionDeclaration connected to SgFunctionCallExp
2015-08-24 snarayan ADMM commandline flag
2015-08-24 snarayan Canonicalization for ADMM
2015-08-24 snarayan Workarounds for ADMM
2015-08-24 snarayan Build System
2015-08-18 snarayan Changes to support static linking
2015-06-16 snarayan SageBuilder Interface and Pointer intializations
2015-06-10 snarayan Updates for Rose changes
2015-06-10 snarayan Build system
2015-06-09 snarayan Removed unnecessary output
2015-06-09 snarayan Removed spurious files
2015-06-09 snarayan .hgignore
2015-06-09 snarayan NonInliableIntrinsics
2015-06-09 snaryan NonInlinableIntrinsics
2015-06-09 snarayan Sizeof, ExitLive, and NonInlinableIntrinsicsCatalogue
2015-06-09 snarayan SizeOf and NonInlinableIntrinsicsCatalogue
2015-06-09 snarayan NeedPushPointer, supoort for free()
2015-06-03 snarayan Changed runtime header generation
2015-06-03 snarayan Add support for NonInlinableIntrinsics catalogue
2015-06-03 snarayan Declarations of new support for SgSizeOfOp and inserting correct symbols in SymbolAttributes
2015-06-03 snarayan Add support for NonInlinableIntrinsics catalogue
2015-06-03 snarayan Correct symbols are inserted into the symbol attribute
2015-06-03 snarayan Temporary variables are now created in the function scope
2015-06-03 snarayan Support for SizeofOp.
2015-06-03 snarayan Support for SizeofOp. Stop converting the names of variables
2014-12-11 snarayan Added dochain information to Assignments. Outlined the code for createing the DUUDSetMap and DOSetMap because they are the same
2014-12-10 snarayan Assignment LHS and VariableReferences in the RHS of Assignments get the correct duud set information
2014-12-09 snarayan Fixed DOSet and DUUDSet
2014-08-22 snarayan Changed include file in generated file
2014-08-22 snarayan Changed include file in generated file
2014-05-12 snarayan Bug fix for annotation generation
2014-05-12 snarayan Changes for generating ADOL-C files
2014-05-12 snarayan Changes for generating ADOL-C files
2013-11-27 utke on macbook this is a hack to make "real(8)" appear in xaif as double FE type
2013-11-27 utke on macbook relocate up
2013-11-27 utke on macbook enable "**" operator
2013-11-27 utke on macbook sweep to remove trailing returns
2013-11-25 snarayan Fixed the declaration of pointer variables. However this fix is only for single pointers.
2013-11-25 snarayan Reverted changes on how symbols are looked up
2013-11-21 snarayan Changed how lookup of symbols for matching of scopes occurs.
2013-11-21 snarayan Changed how initialized names are created in canonicalization.
2013-11-18 utke on macbook expanded logic to separate symbols contained in the lists collected by OA but not visible in the current context; see comments on conditions; enhanced debug statements
2013-11-15 utke on macbook locality determination done here. "isStrictlyLocal" has unclear meaning. The actual question here is whether a symbol is local with respect to a given scope or if a symbol comes from a parent scope. The reference scope for testing here is the body of a function definition. In the search through the parents we
2013-11-15 utke on macbook settle on one macro
2013-11-15 utke on macbook dump as c_str
2013-11-15 utke on macbook dump as c_str
2013-11-15 utke on macbook don't force it as we had removed the intermediate files from the repo a while ago
2013-11-12 utke on macbook no such command/group
2013-11-12 utke on macbook missing parameter doc
2013-11-12 utke on macbook updated
2013-11-11 Jean Utke branch merge
2013-11-11 utke on macbook shouldn't do just formal arguments. need to filter out only strictly locals that aren't formal arguments. everything else should go, particularly globals
2013-11-11 Jean Utke must decide which language
2013-11-04 utke on macbook ignore the doxygen output
2013-11-04 utke on macbook keep this
2013-11-04 utke on macbook uncomment controlFlowGraphSideEffect call - start fixing up the logic - there is no point in adding the "function" name to the sideeffect list - not sure why this logic was here / rather the original symbol is to be added,,, fix is incomplete as there still is a restriction to loggging only formal symbols which doesn't make much sense by itself...
2013-11-04 utke on macbook element must be public or else the casts from private element to public graph return 0 - not sure if there is a rule governing this because normally the problem is the other way round that one tries to cast to a private base class