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22 months ago snarayan Added more boost libraries to help static complilationdefault tip
22 months ago snarayan Changed the name of the debug flag to help static compilation
2015-06-10 snarayan Build system
2015-06-09 snarayan NeedPushPointer Liveness nodenumber
2015-06-09 snarayan hgignore
2014-03-21 snarayan Changes for Reused Distance - Self temporal reuse
2014-01-14 snarayan Generalized the kind of expressions allowed
2014-01-08 snarayan bug fix
2014-01-07 snarayan Bug fixes to get correct reuse answers
2013-12-23 snarayan Changes to handle Fortran loops and loops with expressions as bounds as well as loop nests that have multiple loops at the same level
2013-12-23 snarayan Support Fortran loops and check if two statements have the same loop parent
2013-12-23 snarayan Ignore indirection
2013-12-23 snarayan Loop nest processing includes loops with expressions for bounds, and user pragma input
2013-12-23 snarayan Loop nest processing includes loops with expressions for bounds, and user pragma input
2013-12-23 snarayan Makefile
2013-12-23 snarayan Traverse array index expressions and ignore indirection
2013-12-23 snarayan Handle user pragmas
2013-12-23 snarayan Handle user pragmas
2013-12-23 snarayan Cleanup
2013-11-27 utke on macbook enable "**" operator
2013-11-19 snarayan Reverted some changes made so that the proper version of boost is picked up
2013-11-15 utke on macbook don't force it as we had removed the intermediate files from the repo a while ago
2013-11-14 utke on macbook ignore this
2013-11-13 utke on macbook replace the unconfig hack - also add the ROSE2OA prefix to the PERFORM_REUSE macro since it isn't used just internally to the library
2013-11-13 utke on macbook remove commented out references
2013-11-12 utke on macbook ignore doxygen
2013-11-12 utke on macbook limit this to the files without reuse analysis
2013-11-11 Jean Utke must decide which language
2013-11-11 Jean Utke branch merge
2013-11-08 snarayan New Boost
2013-11-11 Jean Utke updated
2013-11-11 Jean Utke file patterns
2013-11-11 Jean Utke new
2013-10-29 snarayan Changes for Fortran ReuseDistanceInterface to work
2013-10-29 snarayan Fixed the LoopIRInterface for Fortran DoLoops with constant bounds
2013-10-29 snarayan merge
2013-10-29 snarayan Intermediate commit
2013-10-29 snarayan Removed crud
2013-10-28 snarayan Added a header that should be used as a single include point for all headers, added more headers to be built and removed an unneceassary include
2013-10-28 snarayan Changes to enable optional ReuseDistance analysis which requires SymPy
2013-10-24 snarayan Added reuse configuration option with omegalibrary requirement
2013-10-24 snarayan Beginning to merge changes made for ReuseDistance and ActivityAnalysis
2013-05-13 utke on macbook ignore this
2013-05-13 utke on macbook uncomment this to show the mapping
2013-05-13 utke on macbook decided for the time being that the SgSubscriptExpression should not get its own node in the OA expression tree.
2013-05-13 utke on macbook consolidate debugging info
2013-05-13 utke on macbook make an assertion that there be only one Memrefexpression with which to associate things... cannot rationalize the case where there would be more than one.
2013-04-11 snarayan Added Activity Analysis support
2013-04-04 utke on macbook index triplets
2013-04-01 utke on macbook cover more Fortran Sage nodes
2013-04-01 utke on macbook improve error message
2013-03-06 utke on macbook iterate through common block statements
2012-10-30 utke on macbook eclipse files
2012-10-30 utke on macbook fix up SageIRStmtIterator::FindAllStmts
2012-10-12 Jean Utke make sure we can build everything outside of the source tree
2012-10-12 Jean Utke some more simplification
2012-10-11 Jean Utke branch merge
2012-10-11 Jean Utke further simplify the by accumulating the necessary settings on CPPFLAGS,LDFLAGS and LIBS as we go aling with the testing and the setup; also in order for libtool to set the rpath correctly the library has to be created with the referenced libraries resolve with the -L and -l flags as if we were going to build an executable; therefore all these settings have been moved (back) outside of the testBinaries condition again
2012-10-11 Jean Utke reorder
2012-10-11 Jean Utke branch merge