age author description
2014-02-14 utke on macbook test case for DATA statementdefault tip
2014-01-06 utke on macbook test to check change done in forttk with 01a06e9ac871
2012-06-25 hlcm added missing reference output for PostProcess_activePointer
2012-05-02 utke on macbook after introducing SCAN to fortTk
2011-11-02 hcm branch merge
2011-11-02 hcm use w2f__types as infoUnitFile so types are in symbol table for parsing
2011-10-13 azamat An example with sub-structure elements.
2011-10-12 utke on macbook not activated as it should be
2011-06-29 utke on macbook undef'ed variable
2011-06-29 utke on macbook fixed type mismatch otherwise this leads to undefined results with ifort 12.0.4
2011-05-17 utke on macbook added another thread for the free format case
2011-05-11 utke on macbook bail on differences when in batch mode and we don't accept everything (applied here)
2011-04-20 utke on macbook because of default activation of structure elements move tests to PostProcessing and record the correct behavior for PostProcess_types_derived7 after all changes up to
2011-04-19 utke on macbook test case for allocatable (i.e. pointer) derived type member.
2011-04-15 hcm example for "non-KIND_POINTER type doesn't point" failure
2011-04-06 utke new test exercising changes for non-scalar type dereferences up to
2011-04-06 utke reference output change after changes up to
2011-03-18 utke verbose for xaif2whirl
2011-03-17 utke missed this reference output change after and
2011-03-05 utke cumulative reference update after and
2011-03-05 utke fixed up 1 and 2 keep 4 for an initialization error
2011-03-04 utke reference update after
2011-02-27 utke test case exercising fixes up to
2011-02-26 utke test case exercising fixes up to
2011-02-11 utke test for fixes and
2011-01-05 utke intrinsic name changes following:
2010-12-21 utke reference change following
2010-10-21 utke cumulative reference updates after fixes to logic that injects USE statements
2010-09-28 utke reference update after
2010-09-24 utke tests for correct symbol references; note that the output in Nested 3/4 is actually synactically changed because one nesting lever is removed. Local variables are elevated to module variables but for some reason this is not applied to formal arguments which leads to the failure in Nested2; Also the XAIF for nested 4 is wrong in the symbol references in the sideffectlist for foo2 referring to l_x. It so happens that the stest still worksbecause the
2010-07-14 utke added test case
2010-05-10 utke test "ANY" ; exercises
2010-04-21 m_utkej test case exercising changes up to and
2010-04-17 m_utkej references changes after
2010-03-25 m_utkej a LHS that is a subscripted pointer-to-array variable (tests httP;// )
2010-02-25 m_utkej after fixing the return type logic with we now have fewer variants if the __value__ intrinsic which leads to shits in the type numbers etc. that are refelcets in the sxp output
2010-02-24 m_utkej reference output changes after fix
2010-02-24 m_utkej problem was a MType for the return type of __value__ when called with an array argument. tests fix
2010-02-24 m_utkej problem was an undefined multiply opcode for the combination of array/scalar in the backtranslation because we got an undefined MType for the array argument. tests fix
2010-01-26 m_utkej leftover references changes after
2009-12-16 m_utkej branch merge
2009-12-11 m_utkej test for
2009-12-16 m_utkej test case exercising bound return type inference changed with
2009-11-17 m_utkej extra output to illustrate the problem detailed in
2009-11-17 m_utkej new testcases to exercise OpenADFortTk changeset e06e56974847
2009-11-17 m_utkej label number shifts and modified xaif representation of RETURN statements as a consequence of OpenADFortTk changeset e06e56974847
2009-11-13 m_utkej new test case
2009-11-03 hcm updated reference output for PostProcess_privateQualifier2, which no longer fails
2009-11-02 m_utkej one more reference change reflecting fix committed as Open64 rev 864:
2009-11-02 m_utkej branch merge
2009-11-02 m_utkej forgot to add reference files
2009-11-02 m_utkej some postprocessor caused whitespace changes
2009-11-02 m_utkej reference changes reflecting fix committed as Open64 rev 864:
2009-11-02 m_utkej ticket is closed
2009-10-23 m_utkej test case to exercise 30a077fc6a65
2009-10-23 m_utkej test case to exercise 30a077fc6a65
2009-10-22 m_utkej misc postprocessor whitespace changes
2009-10-22 m_utkej after OpenAnalysis changeset 7a9899d3b1b6
2009-10-06 m_utkej test cases exercising fix in forttk changeset dbf228485141
2009-10-06 m_utkej turn off init to allow testing for forward mode only scenarios