age author description
2013-08-05 wang970 merge the two branches.default tip
2013-08-05 wang970 Changed the FortranCppInterop MakefileAD.mk according to the new names.
2013-08-05 utke on macbook unnecessary include
2013-08-05 wang970 Merge the mixed language and timeIt branches.
2013-08-05 wang970 Changed the MakefileAD.mk in FortranCppInterop so that they are consistant with the new mixed language linking configurations.
2013-08-02 wang970 changed back the timeIt thing. (Because we don't want to have a rule for .c)
2013-08-03 utke on macbook queue example based on speelpenning
2013-08-02 utke on macbook renamed
2013-08-01 utke on macbook inlining works again after Rapsodia changeset cd23b50e3935
2013-07-30 utke on macbook branch merge
2013-07-30 utke on macbook fix up compilation
2013-07-24 wang970 extern "c" added in CppSimpleTiming\timeIt.c
2013-07-23 wang970 Add an test in CppQueue to test the compound operators in queue mode
2013-05-28 utke on macbook test cases for N=1
2013-01-14 utke on macbook compress things a little for use in the paper
2013-01-12 utke on macbook compress things a little for use in the paper
2013-01-11 utke on macbook compress things a little for use in the paper
2013-01-11 utke on macbook compress things a little for use in the paper
2013-01-11 utke on macbook rename CFLAGS to CXXFLAGS (should have been like that all along)
2013-01-11 utke on macbook wrong direction
2013-01-10 utke on macbook snapshot
2013-01-10 utke on macbook baseline
2013-01-10 utke on macbook fix up rules for parallel make
2013-01-09 utke on macbook start simplifying things ...
2013-01-09 utke on macbook baseline
2012-11-06 utke on macbook branch merge
2012-11-05 utke on macbook so clean works
2012-11-05 utke on macbook setup for parallel build with explicit dependencies to and use the library as a target rather than the phony source
2012-11-05 utke on macbook generated rules didn't play along with parallel builds unless I add the + explcitly and also use the -C variant to change dir
2012-11-02 Jean Utke error out cleanly it the mixed setup is not configured
2012-11-02 Jean Utke tab
2012-11-01 utke on macbook prevent this test if we are not configured for it and pick up the flags from the configured settings
2012-11-01 utke on macbook conditional setting moved up
2012-11-01 utke on macbook use the generated logic for the interface
2012-11-01 utke on macbook order
2012-10-31 utke on macbook same idea as for CppStepByStepSlices
2012-10-31 utke on macbook sliced version for regression testing
2012-10-30 utke on macbook make diffable
2012-10-30 utke on macbook definitions and rules are separated
2012-10-30 utke on macbook reorganize to run both versions
2012-10-30 utke on macbook move out GEN_DIR
2012-10-30 utke on macbook works
2012-10-29 utke on macbook baseline
2012-09-17 utke on macbook example for array init with implicit initialization requiring initialization in the active type default constructor
2012-05-01 utke on macbook simple timing example
2011-06-21 utke on macbook consistency
2011-06-21 utke on macbook consistency
2011-06-21 utke on macbook example to illustrate the need for --sequenceType
2010-06-22 utke branch merge
2010-06-22 utke cleanup
2010-06-22 utke moved timings and ptho to special subdir
2010-03-19 m_utkej use the variable so we get the librt for the nanosleep under sunos
2010-03-18 m_utkej dump both arrays
2010-03-18 m_utkej sunCC does not like arrays declarations with non-const dimensions
2010-03-17 utke use the vars defined in the include file
2010-03-17 m_utkej dump stats (not only with debug enabled because xlC optimzation is suspected to changed deallocation order/time leading to much larger workarrays
2010-03-17 m_utkej dump stats if DEBUG is enabled
2010-03-16 utke there are only 4 cores per node (i.e. 3 propagation threads and one thread for the function). Else the thread creation fails with message that it runs out of memory.
2010-03-16 utke naming adjustments
2010-03-16 m_utkej missed that file