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2014-03-04 utke on macbook yeardefault tip
2014-01-22 utke on macbook force double precision
2013-09-24 Jean Utke extract module search settings from IPATH to not mess up things for the mixed language compiles
2013-09-18 utke on macbook move this to public for regression testing
2013-09-18 utke on macbook for regression testing
2013-09-18 utke on macbook typedef this and return a const ref instead
2013-09-18 utke on macbook need this dependency
2013-08-21 wang970 Solved the bug described in /RapsodiaExample/F90ReverseStack. By "de-finalize" (not to) the active variables as left values.
2013-08-20 wang970 A minor change in Regression/revF90. Add some comments about why we don't set the adjoint as 0 when the finalizer in F90 is called. (Because in F90, the finalizer will be called for left value of an assignment before the assign happens. And this will erase the adjoints.)
2013-08-19 wang970 In reverse mode, tan(x) should directly call r.v=tan(x.v) instead of tan()=sin()/cos(). The floating-point arthimic will cause slitely difference between them. (tan=sin/cos) is still in use in Forward mode. Which may suffer a same problem.
2013-08-16 wang970 For Cpp, 2 classes have to be introduced for the return expression issue. A base type is for OO and temporary, the derived type is for explicitly usage. So we can force the copy constructor from base type to derived type is invoked at the end of a function.
2013-08-06 wang970 Solved a bug in reverse/location.cpp. When the location array is expanded, loc_ad is not reset correctly.
2013-08-06 Jean Utke mixed language settings for nagfor/g++
2013-08-06 Jean Utke make the output more comprehensive
2013-08-05 wang970 Change the name and description of mixed language configurations. Enable the Regression/revF90 test.
2013-08-05 wang970 Delete temp directory if fortran finalization test fails in configure.py
2013-08-05 wang970 New mixed language linking configurations.
2013-08-05 wang970 Change configure.py so mixed language linking is set up for pgcpp and pgf95.
2013-08-02 wang970 Force explicit type conversion for every partial values in Fortran. (pgf95 requires). Set Mixed Language Linker in Regression/revF90. (Still not working for pgcpp/pgf95)
2013-08-01 wang970 Temporarily remove Regression/revF90 from test. (IPATH should not be exported and implicit type conversion is not default in pgf95)
2013-08-01 wang970 get rid of 'inline' in location.cpp and RA_adacc_d.c
2013-08-01 utke on macbook branch merge
2013-08-01 utke on macbook when everything is inlined we don't compile anything into the library but the rest is transparent, i.e. the library may still contain queue code
2013-08-01 utke on macbook for inlined definitions it only occurs once during the declaration
2013-08-01 utke on macbook add it here to be compatible even though it is not uesd (yet)
2013-08-01 utke on macbook set the inlineDefs here too
2013-08-01 wang970 Remove the comment line in common.h if we are using F90 printer.
2013-08-01 wang970 Removing unnecessary files
2013-08-01 wang970 Several changes: Remove implicit type convert which is forbidden in Cpp. Try to make Regression/rev functional.
2013-08-01 utke on macbook update F90 reference
2013-08-01 utke on macbook better qualify the change introduced with changeset 8dcb3fa3f796 such that we still avoid creating definitons for (presumably faster) generated assignment operators when NOT in reverse mode - also reintroduce the generated comment pointing to Rapsodia
2013-08-01 utke on macbook update CPP reference
2013-08-01 utke on macbook temporarily undo this change introduced with changeset 8dcb3fa3f796 until it is clear why changing struct to class is needed
2013-07-30 utke on macbook spacing typo
2013-07-30 utke on macbook There is no point in creating a separate rule for files with a .c extension if all we do is compile them with the C++ compiler. Rather we should - if C linkage is required - have the code in .cpp files like the rest and specify extern "C" linkage. Also - this injection messed up the compile flags that follow up and were expected to extend the .cpp rule
2013-07-30 utke on macbook generated code should not require fpermissive
2013-07-30 utke on macbook temporarily disabling tests for non-standard C++ generated for reverse mode
2013-07-30 utke on macbook refactor configure to remove nearly identical duplicate, rename make variable, temporarily disable reverse regression tests because they don't work yet and make the whole regression test fail
2013-07-24 wang970 extern "C" for all C code. Add the finalization test for Fortran compilers. Change Makefile so that no error message even if compiler does not support
2013-07-23 wang970 The scalar operation of *= should be performed after the push in queue mode and /= should be performed before the push.
2013-07-23 wang970 compound operator for queue in forward mode. Pending for tests.
2013-07-22 wang970 icpc does not recognize the expression "1.0d+0" (g++ does). Explicit double type is not necessary any more.
2013-07-22 wang970 initial the adjoint in default constructor
2013-07-19 Mu Wang rev 0.0.2
2013-05-31 Jean Utke strict gfortran syntax checking fails on empty contains block. vertex.defs can be an empty StatementGroup
2013-05-29 utke on macbook branch merge
2013-05-28 azamat adding nvcc
2013-05-29 utke on macbook do more checking in the debug version
2013-05-28 utke on macbook branch merge
2013-05-28 utke on macbook dump all the tensors
2013-05-28 utke on macbook introduce a reset so we can have a helper tensor instance that can be reused for different settings of #indeps and deriv degree
2013-05-28 utke on macbook make a short cut for n=1 which is a corner case that doesn't work with the generic logic
2013-05-03 Jean Utke slightly improve the configure test - there is a problem with the new version (13.4) of pgcpp in connection with openpa.
2013-04-11 utke on macbook update compiler versions
2013-02-28 utke on macbook intel compiler version
2013-01-10 utke on macbook rename CFLAGS to CXXFLAGS (should have been like that all along)
2013-01-10 utke on macbook turn the dependency relations into actual make rules; the old dependency output was largely nonsensical anyway
2013-01-09 utke on macbook newline
2013-01-09 utke on macbook reference update for reordered members after generator changes
2013-01-09 utke on macbook change the content of typeList and precDict for the interoperable case;