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2014-03-13 Jean Utke updated for doxygen versiondefault tip
2014-03-12 utke on macbook year
2013-02-22 utke on macbook ignore these
2013-02-22 utke on macbook newer autotool versions use lib64 which then doesn't work with the assumptions OpenADFortTk makes
2012-10-29 utke on macbook fix memory leak found by John MC
2012-10-10 utke on macbook year
2012-10-03 Jean Utke html tags in REPTAG get clobbered, update, remove obsolete
2012-10-03 Jean Utke ignore doxygen output
2012-10-03 Jean Utke hould use the default name
2012-09-27 Jean Utke branch merge
2012-09-27 utke on macbook branch merge
2012-09-26 Jean Utke branch merge
2012-09-26 Jean Utke doxyen config update
2012-09-25 utke on macbook fix method binding in templates
2012-02-10 utke on macbook better debug messages
2011-10-13 azamat Produce debug output
2011-10-13 utke on macbook try to handle pointers
2011-03-05 utke looks ok to me - no explanation what exactly is incomplete or wrong...
2011-03-04 utke additional debug information to verify alias settings
2011-02-11 utke typos
2011-02-10 utke This is a fix for a case where a formal parameter does not get activated when it should as described in bug report
2011-01-05 utke updated the year
2010-12-28 utke third attempt at the passivation on dummy paramters. The problem is that in both cases (for varied and usefull) it is plausible to propagate the respective property through the dependency graph because the fact that the parameter is not referenced doesn't imply that the dependency is killed. Instead it is a special case where certain variables despite being both usefull and varied are nothing but "unused" references and therefore do not need to become active. This is now done be separate logic that tests that there be no dependency edges other than call/return and no selfdependencies in which case we then decide to not make the variable active. Extra debug information has been added to make following the analysis more comprehensive.
2010-12-27 utke it appears that the previous the previous changeset impacts the algorithm in other ways that lead to deactivation of more variables than intended because the varied property has additonal implications; instead we change to the
2010-12-27 utke we want to unset varied also for formal parameters of stub routines that are (intentionally) not referenced in stub routine. That means the may have multiple outedges (nonParentSuccessors) but they are all return edges. Consequently we introcude a variable that establishes if there are any out edges that are not RETURN edges and amend the test.
2010-12-27 utke for debugging
2010-12-09 utke initialized with const string literal
2010-12-09 utke we already are inside of these namespaces and gcc 4.5.1 now yields en error on these
2009-10-22 m_utkej fix supplied by Jaewook Shin to get the correct activity for testcases OpenADFortTk/Regression/TestSources/PostProcess_ComBlock[1|3].f90
2009-10-07 m_utkej fix for changeset 117154ac1fde to address problem with OpenADFortTk/Regression/TestSources/PostProcess_optParm1.f90 that failed after introducing that changeset
2009-10-05 m_utkej Jaewooks fix for the performance problem with long parameter lists (see the updated README in CSFIActivity)
2009-07-23 m_utkej add entry
2008-11-06 m_utkej should use proper C++ headers
2008-11-06 m_utkej branch merge
2008-11-06 m_utkej include fix needed for gcc v 4.3.2
2008-11-05 utke more ignores
2008-10-21 m_utkej branch merge
2008-10-21 m_utkej Jaewook's fix
2008-08-06 m_utkej introduce flag to make all varied variables active
2008-04-08 m_utkej sync logic fix
2008-04-08 m_utkej extra output
2008-04-08 m_utkej Jaewook's fix
2008-02-07 m_utkej sync
2008-02-04 m_utkej resynch
2007-10-23 m_utkej branch merge
2007-10-23 m_utkej resynch
2007-10-08 m_utkej added log file
2007-10-05 m_utkej resynched
2007-10-05 m_utkej Added tag preOA for changeset 07efa9cabd8f
2007-08-10 m_utkej ignorepreOA
2007-08-01 m_utkej fix up uddu logic (also done in svn trunk)
2006-11-27 m_utkej add a flag to turn restriction to basic block level chain information on and off (emacs reformatting)
2006-11-13 m_utkej baseline Jaewooks changes
2006-11-13 utke baseline identical to CVS at Rice