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2014-03-13 utke on macbook yeardefault tip
2014-03-12 utke on macbook year
2014-02-25 utke on macbook FreeSans is no longer included
2014-02-18 Jean Utke updated to new version
2014-02-18 Jean Utke updated to new version
2014-02-14 utke on macbook avoid wholesale activation of statically initialized variables which cannot coexist with the default initialization in the active type. Warn about cases where this happens.
2014-02-14 utke on macbook for testing purposes add a flag that forces all floating point variables to be active
2014-01-06 utke on macbook deal with string arrays and distinguish them from character arrays
2014-01-06 utke on macbook diagnostics
2013-02-22 utke on macbook clarify
2012-10-04 Jean Utke updated for new version
2012-10-04 Jean Utke html tags in REPTAG get clobbered in new doxygen version
2012-10-04 Jean Utke year
2012-10-04 Jean Utke readd what was a symbolic link
2012-10-04 Jean Utke make consistent
2012-09-25 utke on macbook fix method binding in template
2012-07-03 utke on macbook implement the six tensor here ... temporary stopgap until the type table arrives
2012-05-02 utke on macbook SCAN has 2 string arguments and needs the implicit parameters set, but for other string intrinsics there is some special logic somewhere that can't handle the implicit parameters so I do it for SCAN and nothing else
2012-05-02 utke on macbook type for SCAN
2012-05-02 utke on macbook added scan intrinsic
2012-02-10 Jean Utke merge
2011-10-14 azamat Adding handling of non-array pointers.
2011-10-13 utke on macbook also look for PSTORE
2011-10-13 utke on macbook pointer assignment interface for DUGactivity
2011-12-26 utke on macbook handling non-hoisted operations
2011-12-26 utke on macbook debug message
2011-07-26 hlcm fixed handling of external declaration for function pointers; added "void" shape and "pointer" kind
2011-06-29 utke on macbook fix up references
2011-06-29 utke on macbook re-autogen after merge
2011-06-29 utke on macbook branch merge
2011-06-29 utke avoid name clashes on case insensitive file systems
2011-06-14 utke on macbook add ichar
2011-06-14 utke on macbook add shape/reshape
2011-05-20 hcm correct descent order in ConvertScalarizedRefToActiveType
2011-05-20 hcm add minloc intrinsic
2011-04-20 utke on macbook get the answer right for strctfld
2011-04-20 utke on macbook proper conversion for scalars (using field id instead of offset) and plain array types
2011-04-20 utke on macbook symbol type derives from RefObjType which will drill down but the shape must come from the FLD tree type, i.e. when we are at the ILOAD we need to go down one step.
2011-04-19 utke on macbook fld is accessed by id, not by offset; need to have logic to deal with type conversion for array members.
2011-04-19 utke on macbook the scalarized ref may be associated with the ILOAD or the STRCTFLD - have to cover both cases
2011-04-19 utke on macbook the scalarized ref may be associated with the ILOAD or the STRCTFLD - have to cover both cases
2011-04-19 utke on macbook there are other constructs that are not pointers and therefore shouldn't go in the else branch where they are assumed to be pointers
2011-04-19 utke on macbook for debugging
2011-04-11 utke turn this into a warning
2011-04-06 utke remove things that are preprocessed away
2011-04-06 utke determine the actual shape, don't hardwire it to scalar
2011-04-06 utke STRCTFLD doesn't have an ST so the type has to be determined otherwise
2011-04-06 utke formatting only
2011-04-06 utke separate OPR_STRCTFLD from the rest and remove the check forcing the final type to scalar
2011-03-17 utke progress output
2011-03-11 utke clarification about maxval/minval
2011-03-05 utke when the operand is a strctfld
2011-03-05 utke all the logic is in xlate_MemRef
2011-03-05 utke if it is a strctfld we need to test agains it, not the ref_wn
2011-03-05 utke needed to restore the scalarized ref
2011-03-05 utke the exprTree doesn't has an empty string output - switch to the DumpWN string to get a decent and distinguishable hash
2011-03-05 utke need to use the C-string
2011-03-05 utke provide string rep
2011-03-04 utke make the resetting conditional on the refWN existence
2011-03-04 utke The alias map key etc are looked up based on the most recent WN in the context stack. if we don't reset the most recent WN here, it stays potentially at the level of the ISTORE etc, i.e. we get instead of the alias set ID for the parameter Memref, the alias set id for the LHS of the whole assignment. This then leads to incorrect assumptions about data dependencies between statements as reported in