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2014-02-21 utke on macbook older pdflatex does not autoconvertdefault tip
2014-02-21 utke on macbook updated from server
2014-02-20 utke on macbook sect 5.2.2
2014-02-20 utke on macbook sect 5.2.1
2014-02-19 utke on macbook more on examples
2014-02-19 utke on macbook fixed up URLs
2014-02-18 Jean Utke clean from server
2014-02-18 utke on macbook script updated
2014-02-17 utke on macbook text updated for FDC and boxmodel
2014-02-17 utke on macbook updated version
2013-02-19 utke on macbook a paragraph about revolve
2012-11-02 utke on macbook snapshot
2012-11-02 utke on macbook blurb about revolve
2011-11-04 utke on macbook fix up the formatting of the help messages
2011-11-03 utke on macbook various minor fixes
2011-06-21 utke on macbook spell out error categories
2011-06-14 utke on macbook active case and reorganize into new chapter
2011-06-13 utke on macbook more example sections
2010-02-27 m_utkej note that it is folded
2010-02-27 m_utkej fix up error text. add one more spot to check because after we now we need to continue we shorten the allowedLength and need to recheck
2010-02-27 m_utkej force exit with return code and make output wider
2010-02-27 m_utkej not wide enough for some output
2010-02-27 m_utkej trying to make it more robust
2010-02-26 m_utkej various updates regarding run time files, canonicalizer, postprocessor
2009-10-07 m_utkej adjusted for format flag changes and preprocessing in openad script
2009-09-15 m_utkej updated bib file obtained from autodiff
2009-09-15 m_utkej adjust lines after changed licensing text at the top
2009-09-02 m_utkej no longer needed
2009-09-02 m_utkej settle on gfortran throughout
2009-07-28 m_utkej bib update
2009-07-01 m_utkej changing compilers for the examples
2009-06-29 m_utkej fix up labels and add boxmodel test prose
2009-06-29 m_utkej mark incomplete sections
2009-06-26 m_utkej documenting FDC
2009-05-07 m_utkej typo
2009-05-07 m_utkej renaming
2009-05-07 utke need to cleanup first
2009-05-06 m_utkej bits about the regression tests
2009-04-22 m_utkej more on run time support files
2009-04-16 m_utkej branch merge
2009-04-16 m_utkej more options figures/text
2009-04-16 m_utkej postprocessor options
2009-04-10 lyonsam fixed space after \LaTeX command
2009-04-10 m_utkej cleanup
2009-04-10 m_utkej preprocessor
2009-04-10 m_utkej nonverbose
2009-04-10 m_utkej more stuff
2009-04-10 m_utkej updated
2009-04-10 m_utkej fix up logic
2009-02-20 m_utkej renames
2009-02-17 m_utkej more fixes
2009-02-17 m_utkej options
2009-02-17 m_utkej save this
2009-02-09 m_utkej check timeout
2009-01-16 lyonsam now cleaning some txt files (these are the ones that cant be added to EXTRAREQS without causing force to duplicate commands)
2009-01-16 lyonsam consolidated hgignore files
2009-01-16 lyonsam added hgignore and my name
2009-01-16 lyonsam redesign of bibtex method - now doing wget on, also reference and bibtex cleanup
2009-01-16 lyonsam fix to else branches in createVersion
2009-01-16 lyonsam details for openad script, including automated generation of options and output