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2013-08-19 utke on macbook baselinedefault tip
2013-08-16 utke on macbook use the other config but something is still wrong - there is some dimension error
2013-08-16 utke on macbook top level makefile
2013-08-16 utke on macbook shorter run for testing
2013-08-16 utke on macbook make sure we name the output in the suffix rule, descend into Adjoint for clean
2013-08-16 utke on macbook spotless -> distclean
2013-08-16 utke on macbook cleanup
2013-08-16 utke on macbook configs and data files
2013-08-16 utke on macbook spotless -> distclean
2013-08-16 utke on macbook simplify
2013-08-16 utke on macbook extract definitions
2013-08-16 utke on macbook adapt variables to match the other examples
2013-08-16 utke on macbook don't descend here - need extra libs
2013-08-16 utke on macbook baseline
2013-07-17 utke on macbook same
2013-07-17 utke on macbook can't mix cpToFile inliner with simple tape rep
2013-03-09 utke on macbook find netcdf
2013-03-09 utke on macbook errormessage is not an array
2013-02-18 utke on macbook currIter is 0 based
2011-12-21 utke on macbook keep the original
2011-11-03 utke on macbook the all get the infoUnitFile flag
2011-11-03 utke on macbook had missed updating this a while ago
2011-06-14 utke on macbook forgot this one
2011-06-14 utke on macbook not needed because in head.f90 A is initialized with a DATA statement
2011-06-13 utke on macbook to be sure save A
2011-06-13 utke on macbook active example baseline
2011-06-13 utke on macbook be explicit about the UMFPACK version
2011-06-13 utke on macbook unsymmetric, deal with the transpose
2011-06-13 utke on macbook renamed
2011-06-13 utke on macbook ADMsplit baseline
2011-06-13 utke on macbook FD baseline
2011-06-13 utke on macbook baseline
2011-05-10 utke on macbook variant on the revolve scheme with an overall split approach except for the revolve loop; this one makes use of the firstUturn distinction, see the template file
2010-07-08 utke need to update when the lower level routines run in split mode invoked by revolve
2010-07-08 utke here we use the "cpNum" from revolve which starts with 1 and the old update was in the wrong spot
2010-07-08 utke counting starts with 0
2010-07-07 utke fix up template to account for checkpoints used in outer joint mode
2010-07-07 utke set the revolve checkpoint count
2010-07-07 utke removed duplucated call
2010-07-06 utke baseline
2010-07-06 utke count the forward invocation of routines
2010-07-05 utke baseline
2010-07-05 utke baseline
2010-07-02 utke separate tape and cp stats update
2010-07-01 utke joint mode with stats output and checkpoints written to files
2010-07-01 utke slightly modified forward BoxModel
2010-07-01 utke don't need to list the standard name anyway
2010-06-30 utke use the checkpoint number instead of the iteration number.
2010-06-29 utke max tape size as an illustration
2010-06-29 utke add a rule for randomized heuristics invocation
2010-06-28 utke default has changed
2010-05-25 utke consolidate make subdir handling
2010-05-24 utke running version
2010-05-24 utke is 'in' only
2010-05-24 utke wrong order
2010-05-24 utke compiles. doesn't run correctly
2010-05-24 utke baseline
2010-05-24 utke remove diffs
2010-05-24 utke FD variant
2010-05-24 utke basic example